Disney and Hulu are removing 50 original series and films from their streaming services in May 2023.

The titles being removed include a mix of both popular 

and obscure shows and movies, and the reasons for their removal are varied. 

Some of the titles being removed are simply no longer in demand. For example, the Disney Channel sitcom 

"Good Luck Charlie" ended its run in 2014, and it has not been on the air in years. 

As a result, there is likely very little demand for the show on Disney+. 

Other titles are being removed because they are no longer licensed to Disney or Hulu.  

For example, the movie "The Princess Bride" is being removed from 

Disney+ because it is owned by Warner Bros. Pictures. 

It is important to note that not all of the shows and movies that are being removed from Disney+ and Hulu are bad.